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What is the Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight is the world’s most popular male sex toy, and it is designed to replicate a vagina as much as possible, thanks to modern technology. In many ways, it is essentially the most effective product in terms of bringing a male to orgasm. Many reviews and millions of customers testify to just how lifelike the product is. There are all sorts of ways to ensure that your experience with the Fleshlight is as optimum as possible, such as delaying your orgasm for the most satisfaction. The following tips should make the experience that much better, which will lead to better orgasms for you!
Grey Fleshlight
There are different textures for each Fleshlight, so that the user can tailor their experience as much as possible, which allows male users to have essentially a “customized” orgasm, with the texture that they prefer the most. The standard is the “Lotus” texture, which can be applied to every Fleshlight product, and the “Swallow” texture openings are meant to mimic a mouth, so the user can get a blowjob experience, as well. The “Forbidden” series is meant to mimic anal sex, as well. This is a perfect example of how Fleshlight goes out of its way to completely mimic the lifelike qualities of every female orifice possible, no matter what your preferences or kinks are.
There are plenty of men who simply want enjoyable and intense orgasms, and sometimes their sex life doesn’t provide that. Whether it’s someone who has a high sex drive, in a relationship that isn’t meeting your sexual standards, or simply someone who enjoys the experience – Fleshlight is a great way to make sure that you can tailor your orgasm to be as satisfying as possible. The fact that Fleshlight actually partners with female porn stars also means that all sorts of fans of the porn industry can literally “experience” their favorites, which, of course, leads to a whole new audience.

Features and Review

Many people might wonder what exactly is it about Fleshlight that has made the company so synonymous with male masturbation, and why it is the best product on the market.

  • Skin: The material is meant to mimic natural skin, which of course is essential. After all, one cannot truly feel good about mimicking a sex act if they don’t even believe that they are interacting with skin. This is probably the characteristic that is most obvious when it comes to separating Fleshlight from the competition.
  • A lot of times, sex toys can be dangerous, as customers are using them in very intimate settings, and may not fully know their limits. This could lead to health risks. However, Fleshlight is truly safe when it comes to use.
  • The product is also portable, which means that one doesn’t have to leave the product at home on an extended trip. Fleshlight understands that users might want to relieve stress or experience an orgasm anywhere in the world, so they made sure that customers can take the product with them.
  • The product is also easy to maintain, and isn’t hard in terms of maintenance, upkeep, or cleaning. This is essential to customers remaining loyal, and feeling good about use and wear-and-tear, etc.

Types and textures

When it comes to the sex industry, it isn’t simply about a savvy marketing campaign or a celebrity endorsement. Fleshlight has been this successful because of the science-backed research that truly mimics the sexual acts of blowjobs, vaginal intercourse, and anal intercourse. This includes not only the company working on their products, but finding feedback from millions of users across the world.

Fleshlight Launch™ Stamina Pack

The Stamina Pack in many ways is for the elite male masturbators who want to experience the best orgasm possible, or train as much as possible when it comes to their performance. The Stamina Pack is fully automated, which means that Fleshlight has incorporated the latest technology in order to meet the needs of their customers. The Stamina Pack actually is able to be an interactive device, through USB technology.

The pack includes the following products: a Fleshlight Launch, a Gold Fleshlight Case, 4 ounces of Fleshlube Water, and a USB cable. It should also be noted that the Fleshlight Case comes with an additional Lady Orifice and Stamina Training Texture, as an addition, which shows that the company really cares about providing value for their users, and giving them as much product as possible for the amount of money that they are spending.
STU Shower Pack
The Pack also comes with an E-Guide to be a resource in terms of how to train yourself to add stamina to your sex life. The Fleshlight’s own lube water is the perfect lubricant to use, as other substances might affect the actual quality of the material, or cause additional wear and tear. Fleshlight also comes with its own powder, because no one knows exactly how to keep their products working properly as Fleshlight does.

Fleshlight Ice

The Fleshlight Ice is a variation on the classic Fleshlight, and offers all of the same amazing features. One added quality of the Fleshlight Ice is the fact that the sleeve is clear, meaning that one can actually view one’s penis during the orgasm, for anyone who wishes for this particular experience. It is also compatible with a crystal inner texture as well.
Fleshlight Ice
For those with a voyeur kink, for example, and get pleasure out of watching themselves come to orgasm, this is an ideal choice. It is also easy cleaned and maintained, just like the other Fleshlight products, and works well with lube, as well.

Fleshlight Flight

The Fleshlight Flight is an updated version of the Fleshlight, and the company’s way of advancing their products and showing that no one is close when it comes to technology, convenience, and other aspects of the male masturbation product. The Flight product in particular is more aerodynamic than usual, with an additional pleasure canal and a more discreet opening as well.
There are more internal elements that can stimulate the user, as well, with additional ribs and bumps that should certainly make the user feel satisfied in every area of their penis. The width of the canal can even change so the user can customize just how exactly they want their member stimulated in terms of how tight the artificial vagina can be, and relaxing the width for increased stamina. This makes for the most customizable male orgasm experience to date.
The product can be a great introduction to a couple’s more adventurous and experimental sex life, but obviously works great as a product in general. It can be perfect for those who want a very stimulating and quick orgasm for quick stress relief, as well as improve one’s stamina, but it all depends on how the user wants to complete their goals and their psychological state, of course.

The shape is more cylindrical, which means more realistic, than ever. Modified Mini-Destroya texture (which decreases the amount of suction a tad)
The opening provides a new unique sensation on your penis, because of its swirl-like opening. The product is harder to clean and maintain than other devices.
There are swirling touch elements that stimulate the top of the penis at the top of the chamber. It is not ideal for those who want longer sessions, as it is meant to stimulate quickly and effectively.
The canal has more ribbings and bumps for maximum stimulation, more than the competition, and ven more than other Fleshlight products. While this stimulates the penis more than ever, it does make the experience less lifelike, for those who value realism in their male masturbatory experience.
It is perfect for a very quick, on-the-go, experience where an orgasm must be achieved quickly. The device isn’t optimal for those with larger penises.
It is ideal for those with smaller penises, as more movement is allowed.
The design is portable and discreet, as with all Fleshlight products.

Ultimate STU Shower Pack

STU stands for Stamina Training Unit, which means that it is one of the few products in the world specifically designed to make the user last longer. This is a classic problem when it comes to males who suffer from premature ejaculation, and the stimulation is a great way to train and discipline oneself to truly prolong their satisfaction, which can make for a more satisfying orgasm, with or without a partner.
STU Shower Pack
The product was designed to replicate intercourse as much as possible, One can mount the product in the shower, and truly overcome whatever issues they have during sex, whether it’s premature ejaculation, performance anxiety, or another issue. It is built to be durable, and works perfect with water-based lubricants for maximum training.

Free Shipping

Fleshlight offers free shipping on its products, which shows how much it values their customers, and the product arrives in a discreet brown package, because they value the privacy of their customers, and understand the nature of the product. Once ordered, one can follow their order through a tracking number for maximum convenience, as well. This gives them more peace of mind than usual.
Free Shipping
The product will arrive within 5 to 7 business days, so there is no need to wait too long! There are options for the product to arrive quicker, should the customer prefer that, as well. The company also offers many shipping discounts with their additional promotions and offers.

Coupon Code and Policy

Fleshlight coupons should be added to checkout, and are very easy to apply. The order price is immediately reduced once the coupon is added, and one promotional code can be used per order.
Coupon code
Of course, only valid coupons can be applied, and the customer can immediately contact the company for any queries or concerns.

Bonuses and discounts

Fleshlight is a company that loves to reward their customers, and lure in new potential customers with great offers and promotions. It’s already the foremost male masturbation toy, but there is no reason why consumers shouldn’t be on the lookout for great offers. Fleshlight is a company that offers top-quality products at fair prices, and is the most popular sex toy for heterosexual men. There is no reason why, if you are interested, you shouldn’t be able to find a coupon or offer to buy it at a steep discount!

What About Coupons?

Now that you have a coupon code, it is only a matter of redeeming it correctly. Most stores have a place where you can enter the code at the checkout, and you will have the discount applied and the final total after the discount before paying. It is very important that you confirm that the coupon is applied before you complete the checkout since it is very common to make mistakes when entering case-sensitive or random codes. Most of the leading online retailers show you if there is an error when entering the combination. If not, always make sure you check that the final total has actually become cover before you buy.

In case you do not see a place for entering the combination, which might be a User Interface problem or a design glitch, you can always contact the customer service and get help to apply your code successfully.

How to know if your purchase is eligible for discount?

Most coupon codes come with a deadline and a set of terms and conditions. Usually, they are mentioned in the fine print which is easy to miss. If you see that a promo combo is not working, it is possible that you do not fall under the eligibility criteria of the campaign. First of all, check if the deadline for the promotion hasn’t expired yet. Usually, these deals last for less than a week. Following are some of the most common terms and conditions that comewith these campaigns, so make sure that your purchase meets these requirements.

  • Coupon code cannot be applied to the orders previously placed;
  • Should be within the promotional period;
  • Not redeemable for cash or credit;
  • Not valid on items excluded from the promotions;
  • Not valid on sale items;
  • Should be entered prior to completing the order.

Tips and tricks

If your retailer allows you to use multiple codes at once, you can use them strategically to get the best value out of them. For an example, if you have two coupon codes with 30% discount in one and then 15% discount in another, make sure that you used the higher discount to the full price first. That way, when you enter the 15% off to the already lowered price, you get a greater reduction rather than using it vice versa.

Whenever you are using a coupon code, make sure you go for the free shipping option even with some extra purchases since delivery rates applied to the bulk purchase can negate the savings you’ve made through taking part in the promo campaign.

When to use coupon codes

If you find that your deal code has been expired but by only a day or two, do not hesitate to give a call to the customer support to see what they can do. More often than not, they will still provide a discount since at the end of the day, they want you to go ahead with buying from them, not the competitors.

There are many online stores that offer a flat off like 10% or 20% merely for subscribing to their mailing list. If you have a few active emails that you can use and only want to buy that particular product a few times, you can create a few accounts using the different emails to claim that discount. By creating accounts with competition websites, you can monitor and compare prices and deals offered for the same product.