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Fleshlight as a concept was thought up by Steve Shubin, who patented it in 1998 as a ‘device for discreet sperm collection’. He called it Fleshlight because although the outside of the device is a hard plastic and it takes the typical shape of a regular flashlight, the inside is designed to feel just like flesh.

The object’s purpose is to aid in masturbation; the customer is supposed to put his penis inside the Fleshlight and, essentially, have sex with it. Due to its universal benefits, drawing on the fact that everyone has a degree of lust and everyone needs to relieve that lust occasionally, the company spread like wildfire; today they serve the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany and more.


Fleshlight offers the same product in many different forms, with many different designs and spin-offs and accessories. Since the original Fleshlight products were launched back in the day, the toys have gone through many different stages of evolution in which they’ve branched out tremendously, and now they are sold in many different forms. Some of these I have listed below:

  1. Turbo;
  2. Launch;
  3. Stamina Training;
  4. Ice;
  5. Classics;
  6. Sleeves;
  7. Quickshot;
  8. Go;
  9. Flight;
  10. Kiiroo.


All of the toys are interesting in their own right, and each one serves a different purpose, but two of them stand out above the rest, and these are Stamina Training Fleshlights, and Sleeves. Sleeves are particularly peculiar; cementing the idea that the company is attempting to build connections to their models through their product, Sleeves are actual moulds of the company models’ genitalia, made into toys so that men can actually feel like they are having real sex with the models. The same idea exists in the Fleshjacks, which are modelled after gay pornstars; for customers, and especially ones who favour taboo topics, the Sleeve is a real favourite.

Stamina Training Fleshlight is humorous in the way that it promises to turn the customer into ‘a sex God.’ The product is designed in such a way that it teaches the man to be able to hold back and keep a steady pace, as opposed to jumping the gun and ejaculating prematurely. The idea that they can create such effects by simply changing the texture of the Fleshlight is both incredibly fascinating and impressive.

The site also offers a ‘Create Your Own’ section in which you can decide on your own colour, shape, texture, style and accessories, just for the customers who really want to feel like what they’re using is special and unique to their needs and their desires.

How to Use Coupons

Fleshlight offers a very beneficial and easily achievable reward system in which the amount of coupon value you earn is determined by different actions you take to show your commitment to the site. For every euro spent, the customer gets a Fleshbuck, and these mount up to five euro coupons, then ten, then twenty-five, and so on.

Another way to earn Fleshbucks is by following the company’s various accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This is also a great way to stay up-to-date with any news or updates, and provides an extra means of contact should you have any queries about or problems with any of their products.

Different Kinds of Discount Code Promotions

As the holiday season arrives, you can see many online retailers promoting special codes offering a variety of attractive discounts for the customers. If you are a new business owner, you might be a little confused about the best approach to using a promo code campaign in your marketing strategy. The purpose of such a campaign is not only to encourage your potential customers to take the leap and become a conversion but also to track the progress of your marketing efforts.

The most important thing about offering discounts for your products/services isto make sure you set a long-term plan that spread offers throughout the year. There are many creative ways to launch these campaigns. After getting an idea about these different kinds of promotions, you can come up with your own idea as well. At the end of the day, uniqueness and creativity always win when it comes to marketing! Here are some basic ways for a promo:

  • Time-based discounts;
  • Seasonal deals;
  • Subscription offers;
  • Special personal bargains;
  • Discounts for a minimum purchase amount;
  • Loyalty programs.