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Sam’s Club is a retail warehouse that offers a chain membership. It is currently based in USA, Mexico, China, Puerto Rico and Brazil. The model of the business requires you to be a member in order to purchase goods from the retail store with many perks such as discounts, cash rewards and free club pickup service. Currently, the company has over 597 membership warehouses in 46 US states, which makes it one of the largest chain retail stores in the country. In 2016, they introduced a new feature ― now customers can scan their goods as they go, thus saving time in the checkout line.

The design of these stores is similar to any other regular warehouse with most of the merchandise sold in bulk. Recently, the company has made a major decision to focus on e-commerce because of the huge influx of people opting for online stores rather than conventional shopping. Due to this reason, the company has closed a few of its major warehouses and committed to turn them into e-commerce centers, which will make online shopping experience better for Sam’s Club members. The online store frequently offers deals and rewards to customers.



Sam’s Club warehouses require membership in order to make any large purchase except prescription drugs and alcohol due to some federal and state laws. If you only wish to be a short-term client, you can get a 60-day pass from Walmart to get access to Sam’s Club. However, non-members receive a 10% surcharge except for certain items like medicines. Membership can be renewed online, via mail, at cash registers, at membership desks in the clubs, and also through many conveniently placed membership kiosks.

You can get 3 types of membership:

  • Business
  • Savings
  • Plus

All these membership plans have an annual fee. Sam’s Plus Membership is a comprehensive plan with the most lucrative benefits, rewards, savings and more.

Payment Options

Since its inception, samsclub.com has used ways to make shopping experience more convenient and special for its members. Currently, they accept all the major credit cards, Sam’s Club Gift Cards, cash or checks. There was a time when Visa cards were not accepted due to Walmart’s high discount rates with MasterCard, however, now all the major cards including Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express can be used both in store and online to purchase goods from Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club credit option is also a valid payment method. Linked to each of the membership cards, Sam’s Club also maintain a credit line for each member. Sam’s Club MasterCard currently offers an attractive cashback program of 5% for fuel, 3% for travel and dining expenses and 1% on all the other purchases made from the card.

Different Kinds of Discount Code Promotions

As the holiday season arrives, you can see many online retailers promoting special codes offering a variety of attractive discounts for the customers. If you are a new business owner, you might be a little confused about the best approach to using a promo code campaign in your marketing strategy. The purpose of such a campaign is not only to encourage your potential customers to take the leap and become a conversion but also to track the progress of your marketing efforts.

The most important thing about offering discounts for your products/services isto make sure you set a long-term plan that spread offers throughout the year. There are many creative ways to launch these campaigns. After getting an idea about these different kinds of promotions, you can come up with your own idea as well. At the end of the day, uniqueness and creativity always win when it comes to marketing! Here are some basic ways for a promo:

  • Time-based discounts;
  • Seasonal deals;
  • Subscription offers;
  • Special personal bargains;
  • Discounts for a minimum purchase amount;
  • Loyalty programs.

Time-based discounts

This is close to the traditional coupon system which was the base idea for the online discount codes and promotional offers. You create an ongoing program where you provide price reduction at a certain time of the week/month/year. Traditionally, there such events happened in physical stores and the e-commerce industry has embraced and adaptedthe strategy to give weekly or monthly special deals. Walgreens is a popular company that successfully uses this method of discounts. It encourages people to change their usual stores to save some money from the consistent time-based sales your company offers.

Seasonal Deals

Holiday or Seasonal Deals are the most common discount offers you see among online retailers. People usually save for the holidays and are in quite a spending mood. Do not miss out on the chance of offering a discount to get them purchase more of your product at the merriment of the holidays.

Would I like to buy something

Christmas is currently the biggest spending holiday with over 150 billion sales happening worldwide. There is Black Friday and Cyber Monday following Thanksgiving which is particularly dedicated to price cuts that millions of people look forward to. Following are the most prominent commercial holidays which are known to be big on spending in no particular order.

  • Christmas;
  • Thanksgiving;
  • Halloween;
  • Easter;
  • Father’s Day/Mother’s Day;
  • Valentine’s Day.

Subscription Offers

It is one of the first rules of online marketing to make a base of emails/subscribers. This gives you a growing list of potential customers who have subscribed to get your marketing material, hence substantially increasing your conversion rates when compared to shooting in the dark by randomly promoting your product/service to the strangers.

Offer a special discount for your subscribers through a discount code sent to their inbox and you will not only get more subscribers but also quality customers as well. Make sure that you consistently offer them subscriber-only deals in order to keep them on the list and have them active.

Special personal offers

This is something that you can do with the data that you receive when someone registers a profile in your online store. You can send them special bargain codes for their special days like birthday. Everybody loves to be congratulated on special occasions and this will tighten the customer loyalty for the brand as well. According to the niche that you are working in, you can change this personal offer to match your audience.

Discounts for a minimum purchase amount

This is another common discount code method you see out there. Make an attractive offer with a price cut for purchasing a minimum amount. For instance, give a 20% off if someone is purchasing over $100 worth of products (the total before the off is applied). You can restrict this minimum purchase offer to special products in your collection that you want to push out faster. At the end of the day, it is all about making good business and keeping your customers happy along the way.

When to use discount code

This pushes your visitors to add a few more products to their cart in order to get that discount. You can sweeten this deal by have something like free or reduced-fee delivery as well. If there is anything just as attractive as a discount for online shoppers, it is free delivery!

Loyalty offers

Once you attract new clientele to your website, the next step should be to retain them and make them a frequent customer. The concept of loyalty is big among all of us and you can definitely leverage it into a win-win situation by offering a promo with a Loyalty Program for your regular clients.

According to research, a customer who belongs to loyalty programs spends more than a usual one. This is usually achieved by introducing a point system for your customers. The more purchases they make, the higher their points score will be. We all have a psychological push to accumulate more points, hence making buyers spend more. Following are some of the ways you can reward your loyalists.

  • Give them discounts for redeeming loyalty points when they make purchases;
  • Special off for loyalty points milestones (100, 1000, 10000 etc.);
  • Perks like free or discounted delivery for loyalty members;
  • Bonus products like free or discounted samples when they make purchases;
  • Price reductionfor the next purchase.

Ultimately, the purpose of offering bargains is to encourage people to become new customers on your website and the existing customers― to make more purchases. Giving a discount is one of the most effective marketing methods, traditionally and digitally. Make sure you use it often, and most importantly, in creative and effective ways!