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TeePublic is an online retailer that specializes in designer logos for t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and more. The concept of selling clothes is not, in itself, unique, but the thing that makes Teepublic special is that each product bought supports an independent artist. One may create their own logo and submit it to the website, thereby promoting their own work and also providing customers with the chance to buy some seriously stylish clothing.

The site boasts a massive array of products accessible from the homepage, including a search bar at the top to help ensure you get precisely what it is you are looking for. Beneath the extensive list of products available, if one manages to get to the bottom without buying something, there are various sources of information.

The page is presented in such a way that it depends on the products themselves for the aesthetic effect. The colours used on the site are a plain white and yellow, not very exciting, with the addition of the pictures of the various designs themselves, a technological tapestry of colours, one is met with quite a trendy homepage. The themes of the logos vary due to the fact that each is from an independent artist, but the site has organized them into categories; online you have the option of purchasing TV logos, artsy logos, music logos, Valentine’s Day logos and more.



As I said, right now there is a deal under which the Classic Tee is going for only fourteen dollars, but in general the prices can be a tad intimidating. I don’t blame TeePublic for this for two reasons:

  1. They have so many people to pay on top of the regular payment given out to employees, so it isn’t easy. The artists would have to receive a substantial amount, since they did create the design. As I mentioned, over five million dollars has already been paid out to artists alone, and while this is generous one must question its effect on the product’s price;
  2. The shipping, should you live outside the USA, was much more costly than I imagined it would be, with some options even out-pricing the products.

The base-price without the cost of delivery is very generous considering point one, and the fact that TeePublic sell so much with the steep delivery is a testament to both the quality of the product and the sheer effort the company are putting in to promote the artists’ works and provide the general public with limitlessly stylish merchandise.

How to Use Coupons

You can use promo codes on any of their products that are not on sale. A promo code (or discount code, if you prefer) can be put into use at the checkout section of the buying process.
TeePublic works through the medium of the internet, so as I understand it a physical coupon would be of no use; most, if not all of the coupons you see for sale will be in code-form only.

Different Kinds of Discount Code Promotions

As the holiday season arrives, you can see many online retailers promoting special codes offering a variety of attractive discounts for the customers. If you are a new business owner, you might be a little confused about the best approach to using a promo code campaign in your marketing strategy. The purpose of such a campaign is not only to encourage your potential customers to take the leap and become a conversion but also to track the progress of your marketing efforts.

The most important thing about offering discount codes for your products/services isto make sure you set a long-term plan that spread offers throughout the year. There are many creative ways to launch these campaigns. After getting an idea about these different kinds of promotions, you can come up with your own idea as well. At the end of the day, uniqueness and creativity always win when it comes to marketing! Here are some basic ways for a promo:

  • Time-based discount codes;
  • Seasonal deals;
  • Subscription offers;
  • Special personal bargains;
  • Discount codes for a minimum purchase amount;
  • Loyalty programs.

Time-based discounts

This is close to the traditional coupon system which was the base idea for the online discount codes and promotional offers. You create an ongoing program where you provide price reduction at a certain time of the week/month/year. Traditionally, there such events happened in physical stores and the e-commerce industry has embraced and adaptedthe strategy to give weekly or monthly special deals. Walgreens is a popular company that successfully uses this method of discounts. It encourages people to change their usual stores to save some money from the consistent time-based sales your company offers.

Seasonal Deals

Holiday or Seasonal Deals are the most common discount offers you see among online retailers. People usually save for the holidays and are in quite a spending mood. Do not miss out on the chance of offering a discount to get them purchase more of your product at the merriment of the holidays.

Would I like to buy something

Christmas is currently the biggest spending holiday with over 150 billion sales happening worldwide. There is Black Friday and Cyber Monday following Thanksgiving which is particularly dedicated to price cuts that millions of people look forward to. Following are the most prominent commercial holidays which are known to be big on spending in no particular order.

  • Christmas;
  • Thanksgiving;
  • Halloween;
  • Easter;
  • Father’s Day/Mother’s Day;
  • Valentine’s Day.