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It says right in the center of the homepage ‘We’ve been perfecting shaving products since 1955’; this is when Dorco USA was founded. It was only in nineteen sixty-one when Dorco began manufacturing safety single-blade razors; in nineteen seventy-seven, a whopping fifteen years later, they decided to make them two-bladed. 2001 saw the launch of the ergonomically designed three-bladed razor, WIN3. Then, hitting two massive home-runs one after the other in 2006 and 2014 respectively, dorcousa.com came out with the first six-blade and seven-blade razors – a feat that really puts them on top of all competition in the world of shaving and razor retailers.


Dorco’s Pace brand has done incredibly well in the market as the first six-bladed razor the world had ever seen and, just recently, the world’s first seven-bladed razor. The products can be looked at in excruciating detail in the Compare Razors section under the heading Dorco USA Difference.


There is no other site that goes to such painstaking effort to make sure the customers are satisfied; a picture of each model is shown with labels explaining the purpose of every minute detail of the device. Just because they introduced the world to the first seven-blade razor doesn’t mean that they’ve abandoned other products: the for men section offers:

  1. 7 Blade – Pace 7;
  2. 6 Blade – Pace 6 Plus;
  3. 6 Blade – Pace Power;
  4. 4 Blade – Pace 4;
  5. 3 Blade – Pace 3;
  6. 2 Blade – Comfort Thin II

The for women section is nothing like the for men section; the blade count reaches only as far as six in their most recent addition, and the design is significantly different being more concentrated on safety . The models in this section are listed below:

  1. 6 Blade – Shai Soft Touch;
  2. 6 Blade – Shai Smooth Touch;
  3. 6 Blade – Shai 6;
  4. 4 Blade – Shai 4;
  5. 5 Blade – Shai 3

The newest addition to Dorco’s stock, the pace 7, is the first seven-bladed razor in the world. This is not surprising news coming for Dorco USA, considering they also brought out the first six-bladed one. Pace 7 is, by all accounts, a superior razor to any on the market at the moment. What is surprising about Pace 7 is how cheap it is; Dorco USA have leaked the information that Pace 7 is at least twenty-five percent cheaper than most of its competitors’ leading razors. Dorco are famous for their good prices; in some cases, Dorco’s products have been seen to be up to seventy-five percent cheaper than those released by the industry’s biggest giants.
Also available on Dorco’s website are combo sets and gift packages for those customers on the hunt for something special to give their loved ones.

What About Promo Codes?

Promo Codes are often used in advertising pretty much on every online retailer website. These are more easily found during seasonal and festive times of the years, special days, holidays etc. Black Friday is another time that allows you to save a whole lot of money due to the substantial discounts many retailers offer on this day both online and in-store. These codes are usually advertised on the homepage or a place where visitors can easily see when they enter an online store. There is also promo code focused websites which gather that information from multiple websites for you to have all the deals and offers in one place, which makes the task even easier for you.

The process of using a promo code is easy. You just have to make sure that you got the promo code right. Recently, retailers use catchy promos that are easy to type such as “Christmas2017”, “Get50Off”, “FreeShipping” etc. but there are also promo codes such as “FTYW2345” that you have to get just right in order for it to work. Following are the steps you usually have to follow when redeeming your coupon code when you shop online.

  • Locate the code;
  • Correctly copy it to the “Promo Code” box at the checkout;
  • Apply the code (you will see the change in the total with the discount);
  • Proceed to checkout.

How to know if you successfully applied it?

Most of the credible and trustworthy online stores are extremely upfront with how their promo codes work. At the checkout, you will likely find a break down on the regular price and the reduced price when the promo was applied. If your promo was meant for some specific items and you are not eligible, most stores suggest you the items covered by the campaign. If the promo code is incorrect or no longer valid, you will be notified of that via a display message most of the time. Basically, once you apply the code and see no reduction in the price (total or the shipping fee), it means that it has not been successfully applied. Mentioned below are the main reasons for your combinations not to work.

  • Spelling/number errors;
  • Promo code exclusions;
  • Being expired;
  • Restrictions;
  • Not meeting the minimum total to be eligible;
  • Lacking details.

A very tricky spot when applying promo codes is that some stores set a minimum order total for you to be eligible for using a promo code. Too often they tend to put this important bit of information in the fine print. This minimum total is the number before you apply any promo codes and not including the shipping fee. You can sometimes get a clue on this information by just looking at the code as well.

Online Shopping Process

Ex: A code like “20off500” would usually mean that you get 20% off on orders over $500.

Always click the “More Details” link before you decide to apply a checkout since online stores tend to put a lot of exclusions in the fine print. This will save you a lot of trouble since you will find the code expiry date, restrictions, exclusions and many other details in the same place.