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Rally House is a specially designed clothes shop that offers an enticing variety of attires, gifts and decorations dedicated to NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. Rally House has various locations across the Northeast, South and even the Middle West. Fashionable sports attires and team-dedicated gifts are promptly shipped to places where their numerous fans live, work and support their favorite players.

Rally House has a team of associates in charge of serving customers with the latest items featuring their favorite teams. Rally House is true to its word: their crew is creative and offers truly exceptional services to their customers. They have different kinds of stores unique to their locations, where selected customized merchandise dedicated to particular athletes and teams is offered in great variety. In addition to brick and-mortar stores, they have a website rendering online shopping services 24/7, where the same selected goods are offered at even more fair prices.

Rally House is affiliated with many national sports groups, and also offers additional photograph sessions with sports stars and celebrities. Fans are offered the chance to have a close contact with their most loved players ― the encounter they will proudly remember for a very long time.


Store Opening

  • In 2013, since its opening, Rally House became one among over 9 stores situated within the Kansas City. It is located in the Northeast and one block towards North from the Missouri State University field.

The team and its store manager, Cydni are always available to assist you in getting what you need. Whether you are getting ready for another Royals season, Patrick Mahomes jersey or even March Madness, they are always eager to help.

  • On August of 2016, Rally house opened its store in the city of Philadelphia about 6 miles from the center of Allentown in the Hamilton Crossings shopping mall.

The team, including their store manager named Samantha, is always eager to get what you need. Whether you are in need of Super Bowl gear as a die-hard supporter or if you head to a Flyers game, or getting ready for another Phillies season, or even watching the Sixers at home, your needs will be taken care of.

  • In 2016, rallyhouse.com opened its second store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company is located in 21 miles away from the center of Pittsburgh.

Casey, the store manager and other members of the team assure that all your wishes are guaranteed to be taken care of. Whether you have headed to a Penguins game or you are a full-fledged Steelers supporter, they’ll find the choicest gear for you.

Top Supported Teams

Rally House features a collection of merchandise to cover all sports accessories and apparels. Here are some of the top team-related merchandise you can find at Rally House:

  1. Cleveland Indians Jerseys
  2. KC Chiefs Apparel
  3. Oklahoma Sooners Gear
  4. Penn State T-shirts
  5. Sporting KC
  6. Horned Frog Polos

What About Promo Codes?

Promo Codes are often used in advertising pretty much on every online retailer website. These are more easily found during seasonal and festive times of the years, special days, holidays etc. Black Friday is another time that allows you to save a whole lot of money due to the substantial discounts many retailers offer on this day both online and in-store. These codes are usually advertised on the homepage or a place where visitors can easily see when they enter an online store. There is also promo code focused websites which gather that information from multiple websites for you to have all the deals and offers in one place, which makes the task even easier for you.

The process of using a promo code is easy. You just have to make sure that you got the promo code right. Recently, retailers use catchy promos that are easy to type such as “Christmas2017”, “Get50Off”, “FreeShipping” etc. but there are also promo codes such as “FTYW2345” that you have to get just right in order for it to work. Following are the steps you usually have to follow when redeeming your coupon code when you shop online.

  • Locate the code;
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How to know if you successfully applied it?

Most of the credible and trustworthy online stores are extremely upfront with how their promo codes work. At the checkout, you will likely find a break down on the regular price and the reduced price when the promo was applied. If your promo was meant for some specific items and you are not eligible, most stores suggest you the items covered by the campaign. If the promo code is incorrect or no longer valid, you will be notified of that via a display message most of the time. Basically, once you apply the code and see no reduction in the price (total or the shipping fee), it means that it has not been successfully applied. Mentioned below are the main reasons for your combinations not to work.

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A very tricky spot when applying promo codes is that some stores set a minimum order total for you to be eligible for using a promo code. Too often they tend to put this important bit of information in the fine print. This minimum total is the number before you apply any promo codes and not including the shipping fee. You can sometimes get a clue on this information by just looking at the code as well.

Online Shopping Process

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Always click the “More Details” link before you decide to apply a checkout since online stores tend to put a lot of exclusions in the fine print. This will save you a lot of trouble since you will find the code expiry date, restrictions, exclusions and many other details in the same place.