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Totally Furniture is an online retail store that, as the name implies, specializes in mass distribution of furniture for every room you have in your home. The website is designed to showcase the entire catalog of products. The homepage features special deals and choice products and collections. All items are complemented with an image, while the homepage is equipped with transitioning pictures to draw your attention. The color palette of the website includes gold, red, and a simple white background to bring contrast to wares.

A Thousand Products

When it comes to online shopping, generally you would pick the main category and there would be a smaller list of items to choose from. In totallyfurniture.com, there are nearly twenty categories of furniture. Then the website offers further ten to twenty subcategories to narrow your search. Here is just a little bit of their selection for you to get the idea:

  1. Bathroom
  2. Bedroom
  3. Dining Room
  4. Kids Room
  5. Living Room
  6. Kitchen
  7. Outdoor
  8. Office


So you choose bathroom furniture, there is a list of seventeen different bathroom accessories. Choosing “bathtubs” will yield nearly two hundred types of tubs to select. The array of products is massive. All of them are of different styles and prices, so there’s a solid chance to find the one meeting your needs and budget, as well as your bathroom space.

Promotions and Sales

If you’re looking through the specific category with a particular thing in mind, you are bound to find stumble upon wares marked at a sale price. If, however, you want to see a page completed dedicated to sales for all types of furniture, then you’re out of luck. With new arrivals constantly filling up the website, be sure to check them out and see if the price has decreased.

In case you find an item somewhere at a lower price, you can call Totally Furniture and they’ll match that price or even beat it. The Price Match promotion is just one of the things they offer to help customers save money. The other is the Volume Discount. In short, you can save money depending on how much you buy. If you’re buying something for a thousand dollars, you can save five or eight percent with a coupon code at checkout. If you’re buying something for five thousand and above you can save twelve percent from your purchase.

A Quick Guide to Using Promo Codes when Shopping Online

Online shopping has been growing drastically all over the globe in the past few years. Currently (2018), the share of online sales versus total retail spending is calculated as 8.8%, which is a huge leap when compared to 7.4% in 2016 which was just 2 years back. When looking at online shoppers by country, UK is at the front with 18.0% in retail e-commerce sales, closely followed by China (16.6%), which also has a very developed e-commerce industry that delivers worldwide. The reason for this huge affinity towards online shopping is because when looking from the perspectives of both the consumer and the seller, e-commerce comes with a great number of benefits for all parties involved.

For consumers

  • Convenience;
  • Better deals/pricing;
  • Better variety/wider range of options;
  • Less compulsive shopping;
  • Privacy.

For sellers

  • Access to a global audience;
  • Less overhead costs;
  • Flexible client service options;
  • Ability to manage the business from anywhere in the world;
  • Reduced processing costs.

What Promo Codes are?

Online shopping, which happens in an entirely virtual setting gives sellers a wider scope of opportunities to offer the best deals. To encourage the visitors who come to the e-commerce websites to make a purchase, online retailers tend to offer attractive discounts and promos. A coupon code is similar to a traditional coupon that you find in a promotional brochure or a newspaper ad ― it is a digital combination that you can enter at the checkout to get a flat discount or a special offer like free shipping.

When to use promo code

Basically, a promo code gives you the chance to save some extra money when buying goods online. They come in a variety of ways. For an example, there are codes that give you flat site-wide discounts, a certain percentage of the price for specific items or an extra advantage like free shipping or handling. Some promos are applied automatically at the checkout, and for some you have to add a special set of symbols into the designated place at the checkout. Not all the promo codes work in the same way. Almost all the promos you see in an e-commerce store come with a set of terms and conditions. Following are some of the general conditions that you might see in a promo code that is advertised.

  • Cannot be combined with any other offer;
  • Limited quantity;
  • Cannot be combined with any other offers;
  • Add to cart see price;
  • Not valid with other promotions;
  • Offer excludes sale items.

How to Use?

Promo Codes are often used in advertising pretty much on every online retailer website. These are more easily found during seasonal and festive times of the years, special days, holidays etc. Black Friday is another time that allows you to save a whole lot of money due to the substantial discounts many retailers offer on this day both online and in-store. These codes are usually advertised on the homepage or a place where visitors can easily see when they enter an online store. There is also promo code focused websites which gather that information from multiple websites for you to have all the deals and offers in one place, which makes the task even easier for you.

The process of using a promo code is easy. You just have to make sure that you got the promo code right. Recently, retailers use catchy promos that are easy to type such as “Christmas2017”, “Get50Off”, “FreeShipping” etc. but there are also promo codes such as “FTYW2345” that you have to get just right in order for it to work. Following are the steps you usually have to follow when redeeming your promo/coupon code when you shop online.

  • Locate the code;
  • Correctly copy it to the “Promo Code” box at the checkout;
  • Apply the code (you will see the change in the total with the discount);
  • Proceed to checkout.

How to know if you successfully applied your promo code?

Most of the credible and trustworthy online stores are extremely upfront with how their promo codes work. At the checkout, you will likely find a break down on the regular price and the reduced price when the promo was applied. If your promo was meant for some specific items and you are not eligible, most stores suggest you the items covered by the campaign. If the promo code is incorrect or no longer valid, you will be notified of that via a display message most of the time. Basically, once you apply the code and see no reduction in the price (total or the shipping fee), it means that it has not been successfully applied. Mentioned below are the main reasons for your combinations not to work.

  • Spelling/number errors;
  • Promo code exclusions;
  • Being expired;
  • Restrictions;
  • Not meeting the minimum total to be eligible;
  • Lacking details.

A very tricky spot when applying promo codes is that some stores set a minimum order total for you to be eligible for using a promo code. Too often they tend to put this important bit of information in the fine print. This minimum total is the number before you apply any promo codes and not including the shipping fee. You can sometimes get a clue on this information by just looking at the code as well.

Online Shopping Process

Ex: A code like “20off500” would usually mean that you get 20% off on orders over $500.

Always click the “More Details” link before you decide to apply a checkout since online stores tend to put a lot of exclusions in the fine print. This will save you a lot of trouble since you will find the code expiry date, restrictions, exclusions and many other details in the same place.