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What TimTam Can Offer?

Both Kelly Starrett and Firas Zahabi started the company TimTam. They are both quite successful in their own right, which is probably why the company has been received the way it has. Specifically, Firas is a fighter, that has won titles in various martial arts, including Muay Thai, and Jui Jitsu. He eventually became an MMA coach. Kelly Starrett is a former athlete and coach whose clients include Olympic-gold medalists, and he has even written a New York Times bestseller.

TimTam Logo

This incredible duo is behind the TimTam company, and the reason that it has been so successful. It is clear to see that these are two individuals that truly understand fitness, and want nothing more than to inform the masses about ways to improve their health. Mr. Starrett is actually one of the first 30 Crossfit affiliates, based in San Francisco. For those who don’t know, Crossfit is a fitness phenomenon, with many analysts estimating that the brand is worth several billion dollars, with over 10,000 locations for individuals to exercise and train.

TimTam Pulse Massager

The TimTam Pulse Massager is an extremely innovative product that actually utilizes Bluetooth technology. It also comes with an accompanying iOs app, and is designed to be applied to sixteen different parts of the body, which makes it much more versatile than many other fitness products. There is a timer, as well, that can automatically turn the product on and off at specific times. There are also ten different levels of intensity that the product can implement, showing just how customizable the experience can be.

Timtam Professional Massager

Pros and Cons of This Product

Pros Cons
THERAPEUTIC: The product helps to release lactic acid, break down knots in your body, as well as increase the blood flow. In essence, it helps to relax the user in a portable device. It isn’t loud, which is convenient for situations that involve family/roommates, and also travel.
The product delivers somewhere around two thousand strokes per minute, so it is incredibly efficient. The battery can operate for 30 minutes without switching off, and for many users this simply isn’t enough.
The product is durable and superior to the majority of the competition.
The massager head can turn 90 degrees, and there are accessories that can give the TimTam Pulse Massager different applications.
The product comes complete with some key accessories, which makes it a great buy in terms of value. This includes a battery, carrying case, and a massage tip.


TimTam is a company, and isn’t just about one or two products, which is why of course they provide some of the best accessories for their customers possible. TimTam, as a company, understands that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to physical therapy. The company knows that the needs of its customers is evolving, which is offers an entire collection and portfolio of products. There are vibrating foam rollers, tips, and gels to fully ensure that your body is recovering as quickly as possible. Whether you want a warming gel, a cooling gel, or are looking for some yoga leggings, or a tank top; TimTam has you covered.

Accessories Timtam

Tim Tam Power Massager

This is the flagship product of the company, and is the best-selling product. Some would say that it is probably the most likely reason that they know about the company. There is a threaded shaft, which is patent-pending, so that other companies will soon not be able to replicate the success of the product, without facing legal action. The beauty of the product is that one can use it alone, or in a session with a coach or trainer. The Power Massager seeks to improve blood flow in the user, as well as break down knots in the user’s muscles. It is extremely useful, and durable, and makes the perfect gift for the fitness freak in your life.

The Massage

Many people don’t realize how essential massaging the muscles is to the body. In fact, there are experts that suggest that it is almost as important as diet or exercise! This might come as a surprise to the general public, but there are many people, such as trainers, athletes, and coaches – the demographic that Tim Tam certainly focuses on, to some extent – know how important it is to massage and stretch the body so that it can be at maximum potential at all times. Tim Tam understands this when other companies don’t, which is why it has the following that it does.

Mobile Training Package

It doesn’t matter if you are simply trying to get in shape, are an athlete, or a trainer, often times; one might want to purchase a full package of items rather than one or two products, to ensure that they stay committed to their cause or vision.

Training Package

The mobile training package from TimTam can address the needs of you, or your client, and conveniently has a collection of products in a to-go bag. Here is what it includes:

  • 1 TimTam Power Massager V1.5
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 battery charger
  • 1 metal warmup tip
  • 1 metal trigger point tip
  • 2 plastic hot tip
  • 2 plastic cold tip
  • 1 standard round tip
  • 1 Recovery Blade tip
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Cooling Gel
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Warming Gel
  • 1 120mL bottle of the TimTam Gliding Gel
  • 1 6-pack athletic tape bundle
  • 1 TimTam Trainer Backpack

Vibrating Foam Roller

One of the great things about technology and massaging has involved the inclusion of vibration. This is a foam roller that includes four different speeds, as well, so that one can truly switch between speeds, depending on the mood or need of the consumer. This is a wonderful product because of its portability, because there are many products that are meant for the home or car, but this means that you can have a product in a bag, that one can take out and use anywhere and anytime. It’s also perfect for travel. This is a great way to relieve sore muscles in the back, and knees, legs, arms, or whatever is affecting the consumer.

Vibrating Foam Roller

The Polish Pro

The Polish Pro is one of the more elite products from TimTam, which is engineered for physical therapists and coaches specifically.

  • It’s a dual-handed design, which means that the user can really “roll” against the muscle, and address the problem area effectively.
  • The product offers 3000 revolutions per minute, which is a great speed, and the battery is powerful, and offers significant vibration.
  • The applicator pads helps to have a waterproof backing, so that coupling the device with gels is possible.
  • Since it is portable, it can be used anywhere, such as gyms, physical therapy offices, the home, the vehicle, or anywhere else. You don’t have to find a power cord, which is a modern solution to the problem.

The Polish Pro

Military Discount

TimTam is a company that truly wants to help people feel better, quite literally. Of course, there are people that simply want to push their boundaries and get into shape. This includes a large number of people, as even the WHO, the World Health Organization, labels obesity as a “disease”, and believes that the modern diet and lack of exercise has truly led to millions of people having a sedentary lifestyle. The fact that technology has encouraged this kind of lifestyle because we can sit and experience media anytime and anywhere, through mobile technology, certainly emphasizes the problem even more.

There are rehab patients that need to get back to where they used to be. There are people who have been in accidents that are attempting to gain their muscles back completely. There are athletes that are constantly exercising that have to make sure that their muscles are always taken care of. TimTam products, through online retail, and otherwise, always want to make sure that they are there for all your needs, and they also thank you for your service! The company offers a generous 40% discount to military personnel.

Military Discount

About the Brand

TimTam is trusted because it’s a brand that appeals to professional athletes, so because of this standard; it makes it very easy for the general public to know that the product is durable, up to par, and can meet their needs. Of course, TimTam doesn’t simply replace actual medical care, but it can certainly help to assuage all sorts of situations.

10 Off Sitewide Discount

Discounts and Codes

TimTam, because of its respected owners, and great reviews, is constantly sought after. That even leads to actual shortages on the website, as some of its products are constantly sold out as soon as they are stocked. This is understandable, considering that exercise is a constant necessity. It’s not as if there is one season for exercise, or as though exercise is a “fad” or “trend” by any means. As a result, you might want to search for some strategic discounts and codes before you purchase your TimTam product. The customer support staff is also always there to answer any questions and concerns that you might have.

Free Shipping Timtam

Make sure to constantly search for the right keywords and codes for TimTam products, such as “deals”, “vouchers”, “TimTam Massager promotion”, and more. Be a smart consumer, and get a TimTam product for a discount price today!

Tim Tam is a trusted provider of professional recovery for serious athletes. A life of an athlete is a constant process of training the body to keep it at its optimal level. However, this can also mean quite a lot of pain and sometimes injuries that need quick rehabilitation. Professional sportsmen cannot always afford to let their bodies undergo its naturally slow recovery process, and therefore they use techniques which make the rehabilitation process faster. Massage is an essential part of getting well again. It is as important as diet and exercises, but often overlooked. Tim Tam is a range of massage products that will help ease the pain after training and make your rehabilitation faster.


Currently there are 3 main Massager products on the Tim Tam website. All the products at the store enjoy unbiased reviews from people who actually bought and used the items. This way you can truly get an idea about a product before you actually make the decision to buy it. Things currently available at the store are as follows.

  • TimTam Power Massager V1.5;
  • TimTam Pulse Massager;
  • TimTam Push – Hand Massager Set.


Power Massager V1.5 is the flagship product of the company with it being the bestseller among all other products by a very high margin. According to their website, this is their second-generation powered handheld massager. You can use it yourself or get your trainer/coach or someone else to do it for you. It is a further development of their first-generation Power Massager which was a great successful. This new overhauled product features a threaded shaft that is pending a patent. It adds better durability and increases the overall performance of the device as well.

TimTam Pulse Massager is another innovative recovery gadget. The website refers to it as their premium TENS product which stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. The product is accompanied with a mobile app that can connect the device to your iPhone via Bluetooth. It does not have any wires and utilizes an easy gel-backed application method. You can choose from different pulse types according to your need and it is designed in a way that can be used in 16 different areas of your body. You can set up the timer to turn it off automatically after a certain period. You can also set it up to 10 different levels of intensity according to the type of healing session that you require.

For those who like the manual way, you can use TimTam Push Hand Massager set to add that extra level of intensity and effectiveness to traditional massage. It basically follows the same set of principles that stand behind the Power Massager, but gives you more manual control in order to specifically focus on soft tissues and injured muscles. The components of the Hand Massager set are made entirely of high-end copper, which ensures more durability, quality and intensity altogether with the highly effective massaging process. The tools are shaped in a several different designs to address different issues and areas of the body. You can use TimTam gels along with these tools for maximum effect.

What About Coupons?

Now that you have a coupon code, it is only a matter of redeeming it correctly. Most stores have a place where you can enter the code at the checkout, and you will have the discount applied and the final total after the discount before paying. It is very important that you confirm that the coupon is applied before you complete the checkout since it is very common to make mistakes when entering case-sensitive or random codes. Most of the leading online retailers show you if there is an error when entering the combination. If not, always make sure you check that the final total has actually become cover before you buy.

In case you do not see a place for entering the combination, which might be a User Interface problem or a design glitch, you can always contact the customer service and get help to apply your code successfully.

How to know if your purchase is eligible for discount?

Most coupon codes come with a deadline and a set of terms and conditions. Usually, they are mentioned in the fine print which is easy to miss. If you see that a promo combo is not working, it is possible that you do not fall under the eligibility criteria of the campaign. First of all, check if the deadline for the promotion hasn’t expired yet. Usually, these deals last for less than a week. Following are some of the most common terms and conditions that comewith these campaigns, so make sure that your purchase meets these requirements.

  • Coupon code cannot be applied to the orders previously placed;
  • Should be within the promotional period;
  • Not redeemable for cash or credit;
  • Not valid on items excluded from the promotions;
  • Not valid on sale items;
  • Should be entered prior to completing the order.

Tips and tricks

If your retailer allows you to use multiple codes at once, you can use them strategically to get the best value out of them. For an example, if you have two coupon codes with 30% discount in one and then 15% discount in another, make sure that you used the higher discount to the full price first. That way, when you enter the 15% off to the already lowered price, you get a greater reduction rather than using it vice versa.

Whenever you are using a coupon code, make sure you go for the free shipping option even with some extra purchases since delivery rates applied to the bulk purchase can negate the savings you’ve made through taking part in the promo campaign.

When to use coupon codes

If you find that your deal code has been expired but by only a day or two, do not hesitate to give a call to the customer support to see what they can do. More often than not, they will still provide a discount since at the end of the day, they want you to go ahead with buying from them, not the competitors.

There are many online stores that offer a flat off like 10% or 20% merely for subscribing to their mailing list. If you have a few active emails that you can use and only want to buy that particular product a few times, you can create a few accounts using the different emails to claim that discount. By creating accounts with competition websites, you can monitor and compare prices and deals offered for the same product.